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The wisdom behind the fall equinox and why it is so important for yogis to pay attention to it.

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

This year ( 2019 ) the fall equinox falls on Sept.23rd. It is the moment where the sun crosses the equator line in a perfectly perpendicular line and when the earth and the sun are at their most parallel balance. I believe the fall equinox is an optimal time to take a hard look at where we are in our lives, how we feel about it, what can we learn from that reality and what changes and adjustments we need to make to move forward.

Fall is the third stage in a four stage cycle. The cycle begins with Spring, which represents birth, new beginnings, reincarnation, life after death and so on. Spring is related to the root and navel chakras and element earth.

The next stage in the cycle is Summer. This stage is ruled by the sun, is related to the solar plexus ( manicure) chakra and it represents that phase of life where we are getting things done, feeling strong with lots of "fire in the belly" energy. It is connected with those young adult years where people may start a business or a family etc.

The third stage in the cycle is Fall. Fall is related to the heart and throat chakras, to a more mature, calmer or cooler attitude in life. It represents the adult years of life, where we have learned from our youth but are still interested in learning new things and where we have understood how to focus and direct that fire energy in our belly (Manipura Chakra).

To me fall represents a balance between knowledge and wisdom. A place were we have learned enough to actually be good at something but we still have enough to learn to keep us engaged. It is perhaps the richest time of our life cycle.

Fall is followed by Winter which represents the end of the cycle. The completion of the journey and it also has it beauty, meaning and lessons to reflect on during the winter solstice.

On The fall equinox we should take some time to pause and connect with the heart center (Anahata Chakra) We should sit on the calm energy created by the balance between the earth and the sun to look at our life with equanimity and objectivity.

This is the perfect time to be the witness of our lives journey and to be honest with ourselves about the habitual patterns and thinking processes that have helped form our reality.

It is the perfect moment to resolve to make the necessary changes to improve what we wish to change.

The Fall equinox is a special time to connect with the balancing energy of the universe so that it may help us find our center and to reboot our inner compass.

Om shanti Om Peace!

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